First off I realise the site title is going to be a little miss leading. I’m not going to be running drunk, quite the opposite, I’m currently a drunkard, drinking most days, not too alcoholic proportions but way beyond what’s recommend. This included binge drinking easily a couple of times a week. I intend to sober up, and severely cut back, so I can get myself up and running again (pun intended). Cutting out the beers is going to be a massive part of this challenge, there’s almost always a couple of cold ones in the fridge and usually some in reserve.

Why do a blog? For accountability, most likely no one will ever read this but having a place to log my training sessions, list goals, will help me hold my myself accountable and should provide some good motivate.

Level of fitness: Very low, I completed the Tongariro Crossing the weekend before starting this blog, and it hurt! I was embarrassingly out of breath and it made me realise how out of shape I really was. Other than that I’ve not run, hiked or played competitive sports in at least a 2 years, so from a cardio perspective I’m starting from pretty much zero.

Goals – Compete in the Auckland Xterra trail series which starts in May 2017. Mid-range course (10-13km). This isn’t about losing weight as I think that’s a short-medium time goal, it’s about getting active again and fit so I can have the opportunity to tackle future expeditions and active outdoor challenges.


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