Day 1

Maybe I should have also mentioned I’m pretty overweight, not sure how much by as I’m not going to jump on the scales as this isn’t about weight loss. And from experience as soon as you start weighing yourself that becomes the main focus. I’d estimate that I’m between 15-20Kg over where I should be a for a guy that’s 6.3+, also I’ve got a history of dodgy knees so I decided that first few sessions should be something very low impact before I start running. Since I’ve got an exercise bike that gets very infrequent use and is gathering dust I thought it best to jump on that to kick start this 100-day challenge.

Breakfast – Cereal bar
Lunch – Tank (Chicken Thai Salad)
Dinner – Fry-up (Valentine’s day dinner!)
Snacks: None

Exercise: 1 hour (exercise bike) moderate
Countdown: 102 Days until event

Reflection: So it went pretty well! Very happy with the first session I took it nice and easy, stuck on the headphone and zoned out on the computer watching The Walking Dead while my wife watched Everyone Loves Raymond on the main TV. The first 2-5 minutes were the hardest as my body thought “what the hell is this guy doing?” but after it realised I wasn’t going to stop it was pretty plain sailing. I can’t believe how much I sweated?!? It’ll be interesting to see if that changes as I build up my fitness levels, it was fucking gross.



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