Day 2 – Cheese and crackers


I woke up feeling fine, as you’d expect after only one session on the exercise bike. However I’m paranoid about my knees, which have a history of flaring up, so I find I’m constantly stretching, poking and prodding them. I’m totally dedicated to getting to the starting line and the only thing that will stop me is an injury. So it’s this weird balance of wanting to push myself, versus taking it slowly and building it up over time to prevent injuries. With this in mind, I’m going to stick to the bike for the next couple of days. The way I see it is if I go running now my base strength (knees) will be at it’s lowest and my weight at its highest. So the longer I wait before running the more weight I’ll lose on the bike and the strong my legs and supporting muscles will become around my knees. So the plan is to go back on the bike tonight again and then maybe a light jog/run on Saturday after resting on Friday.

Actually, that’s a good point I think over this weekend I’ll put together a training schedule so I can be a bit more structured about it.

Diet wise it’s going OK, no beers which is a win. I know that sounds easy but some habits are hard to break. As for meals, I’m trying to eat healthily but I have a family with 2 kids so it’s hard to be too picky. I’ve got to eat whatever is on the menu that night. I also had some cheese on crackers that I wanted to turn down (trying to cut out fatty foods) but couldn’t say no to it. It was part of my valentines day gift, ho-hum it’s not like I drank a box of beers! Everything in moderation right?

Breakfast – Cereal bar x2
Lunch – Sushi (Tuna and Salmon rolls)
Dinner – Sheppards Pie
Snacks: Cheese and crackers (couldn’t say no)

Exercise: 1 hour (exercise bike) moderate with 3x 1-minute sprints
Countdown: 101 Days until event

Reflection: This session was harder than the first even though I felt fine all day as soon as I got on the bike I start to fatigue pretty quickly. I managed to put that to the back of my mind and still crank out the 60 minutes but it was certainly harder. I also managed, mainly to keep my mind on something, to insert a few 1-minute sprints. The bike I have is shit and although you can turn up the resistance it really doesn’t work well, so the only thing I can do it to sprint to raise the tempo and heart rate. So another day down 101 to go!



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