Day 3 – First Struggle


Reflection: This session on the bike was bloody tough, from the first couple of minutes I felt drained and fatigued and my thighs were burning. I think this is down to the double whammy of not only 2 sessions back to back before this ride but also I think my body is starting to use up all those reserves of unused energy I’d built up from fast food and sugary snacks. So this was the first time I was truly running on empty. I still managed to struggle through but this time it was at a much slowly pace and with a lot more heavy breathing and gritting my teeth required.

It was always my plan to take a rest day on Day 4 but this just confirmed it, no way I could have done this again. I’m hoping having a day off will put some freshness back in the legs so I can go for a light run on Day 5. I think I’ll plan in 30 mins of stretching tomorrow (Day 4) first just to help limber for the run. I’ve not really been stretching at all for the bike sessions (maybe my knees a little) but I think I need to start especially if I’m going to start mixing in runs going forward.

Can’t wait to get that first run under my belt, the first is always the hardest right?

Breakfast – Cereal bar x2
Lunch – Tuna Sandwich and Cherries
Dinner – Fajita
Snacks: Cherries and Plum

Exercise: 1 hour (exercise bike)
Countdown: 100 Days until event


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