Day 5 – The first run!


Reflection: Booom! first run down. And I couldn’t be happier, I’m guessing the hours on the bike have really helped as I had no expectation that I’d be able to go out and run 5km in an OK time without too much discomfort.

I tracked the run with Nike+ which worked really well. Some lessons learned, firstly that the short I wore were way too big and kept falling down, because of this I had to hold my phone which was a pain in the ass so I need to figure that out next time. I’ll make sure that I track all my runs so I can see the progress. During the majority of run, the outside of my right knee was just annoying me slightly. I’ve has this before and I seem to remember it’s something called ITB syndrome, so I’ll look up some exercises for that again. But overall very very happy I got through it and fucking enjoyed it! The track I ran was very flat only 7 meter change in elevation, and it’s just aroundf the corner from my house so i’ll be running this a LOT!

I’ll play tomorrow by ear and see how I feel before doing anything else.

Breakfast – 2x Vegimite on Toast
Lunch – Scamble eggs on toast (4 eggs)
Dinner – Thai green curry, sweetcorn and peas
Snacks: Seaweed, and a mini pavlova

Exercise: 30 minutes (run)
Countdown: 98 Days until event


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