DAY 6 – Easy street

Legs are stiff and a little sore after the first run, and I’m feeling it in places I’ve not felt it before, at least during this fitness kick, like in my hips and shins. Nothing too bad and it’s not going to stop me jumping on the exercise bike to keep them ticking over.

Breakfast – 2x Vegemite on Toast
Lunch – Left overs – (small) Thai Green Curry and Veg
Dinner – Chicken Drumsticks, Apricot Couscous and salad
Snacks – Seaweed, Carrot, plum

Exercise: 1 hour exercise bike
Countdown: 97 Days until event

Reflection: The easiest workout I’ve had, got through the hour without any troubles. to be fair I didn’t push it I just wanted to keep the old legs ticking over. I think on future bike sessions I’ll need to introduce interval training or I’ll end up plateauing pretty quickly. Tomorrow I’m thinking about going for another run after work, but I’ll see how I feel and how much time I get before dark (bloody kids!)


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