Day 7 – Second run and Milestone


I’m sat writing the intro to this post at work. Super motivated at the moment and it’s pretty much all I’m thinking about. I’ve got an awesome walk coming up this weekend with a buddy of mine, we’re both ex-pats and trying to make the most of living in New Zealand. So we’re following up the Tongariro Alpine Crossing we did, which nearly fucking killed me, with this, the Waitawheta Tramway walk. This shouldn’t be as strenuous as the first walk but should still get the old heart pumping and legs burning.

Thinking about going for another 5km run tonight to proof to myself that the first one wasn’t a fluke. Note to self, wear better fitting shorts 😉

Another milestone accomplished, I’ve managed to go over a week now without any beer or alcohol of any description! Very chuffed with that one, especially since I’ve got an open bottle of bourbon in the cupboard and ice cubes ready to go.

Breakfast – Fruit smoothie
Lunch – Sushi Rolls (Tuna and Salmon) and some of that slimy seaweed shit that gets stuck in your teeth
Dinner – Left overs! Chicken Drumsticks, Apricot Couscous and salad
Snacks – Plum, crispy seaweed

Exercise: 5 Km run
Countdown: 96 Days until event

Reflection: So that run was tough! don’t know why but I went out hard but once I realised (thanks to Nike +) that I was running at around 5:30 kms I just kept it up. From about 1.5km from the end I thought there was no way I was finishing at the pace I was going but I was also certain that if i slowed down or stopped that I’d never get going again. So glad I kept going, but still can’t believe that I did. I’m feeling really tight in my calf’s and Achilles so going back to the bike for the next couple of days and might have a run on Thursday if everything feels back to normal.

So I think that might be my all time Person Best 5 Km in 27.52!!


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