Day 8 – Better living through chemistry

After last nights run it’s back on the bike tonight. Legs feel fine now (the morning after), the soreness of yesterday has all but gone. However, last night, especially when my calf muscles were tightening and a little sore I thought it’s about time to look into some supplements. I’m not a young man anymore! I’m still in the open age bracket for the upcoming race but the bracket is 20-39 years so at 35, and I’ll actually be 36 on race day, I’m getting towards the top end of that group. Fuck! I’ll be running with a bunch of pusshole, politically correct, self-entitled 20-year-olds (stereotyping much?)!

Got bored so looked up what happened in the world when I was 20. you ready? Wikipedia launched, The iPod was released, Windows XP was released…. WOW, I’m stopping now, that got depressing really quickly! That confirms it I need chemical assistance 🙂

So after reading up they say Vitamins A and E are very important for runners as running long distances increases the toxins in your body and these vitamins help remove the toxins. Everyone is also raving about cod liver oil for joint health and I could sure do with some of that. I’ll hit the pharmacy on my lunch break and report back.


(2 hours later) Bloody hell, health crap is expensive. I don’t think the pharmacy I went to had a very good selection, for example, I couldn’t find any cod liver oil, nonetheless, I did find fish oils which I’m hoping is the same stuff?! Can’t hurt right? I also invested in some A-Z multivitamins as I couldn’t find any that were just A and E specific. So I’ll start taking these in the morning with my smoothie and see how I get on.

Breakfast – Fruit smoothie
Lunch – Salmon sushi
Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognaise


Exercise: 60-minute exercise bike
Countdown: 95 Days until event

Exercise Reflection: Easy cycle on the bike, I watched a film about running. A runner called Nikki Kimble who was trying to break a men’s record over this immense trail in the States that was like 10 marathons back to back. It was pretty good, I think I might try and watch one running film a week and write a mini review. It was certainly inspirational. Anyone got any suggestions for another running film I should check out?


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