Day 10 – NOT AGAIN!!!

I had to stay home again today due to my daughter getting the same bug my son had. Luckily he’s over it so that’s all good. I wasn’t feeling too hot either but I won’t getting it any details don’t worry! I’ve been taking my vitamins and fish oil, no idea how you can tell if it’s doing anything I guess it’s a long term thing? Maybe I’ll develop gills or something, that’d be pretty sick, real life Aquaman.


Breakfast – 2 x Vegemite on toast
Lunch – Noodles
Dinner – Couscous and chicken

Snacks – Banana

Exercise: Run 6.7 km
Countdown: 93 Days until event

Exercise Reflection: So I went out for my run a little earlier today as I was working from home which was awesome. However, that’s where the awesome ended. About 5 mins in and the outside of my right knee started to niggle, which soon turned into a throb and then into pain. I was so disappointed this always seem to happen to me. I had to stop after about 3 km and started stretching. Thank God, that did seem to relieve a lot of the discomfort and pain, I managed to get through the second half of the run which was a huge relief. I don’t think it was anything to do with enough stretching before the run, as I did a full warm-up and stretched beforehand? Anyway as a result over the next couple of days I’m staying off the road and bike and I’m going to do some leg strengthening exercises. That will take me up to my walk on Sunday which I’m looking forward to.



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