Day 9 – Rest Day


Having to work from home today as my son was throwing up through the early hours of the night. So as a result I didn’t get a great nights sleep either. Legs feeling fine this morning but I’ll miss not having my walk around the park at lunchtime. I decided to not hit the bike again tonight, no point pushing it as I’d like to go for a longer run on Thursday (Day 10), if I get time. I’d like to run the full length of the short track near my house. In total it should be about 6-7 km so a slightly longer run to start things building up.

So I’ve got a mini dilemma, on Friday we’ve got leaving drinks for a colleague. The drinks will be flowing and as one of the regular drinkers I’ll be expected to “have a couple” however I really want to keep this sober streak going to see how long it can last. if I turn up and don’t drink it’ll be weird and no one knows I’m in training at work yet. Hmmmm what to do? Maybe I’ll come up with an excuse and deal with it at another event.

Breakfast – 2 x Vegemite on toast
Lunch – Scrambled Eggs
Dinner – My family famous Pizza Toast

Snacks – Cereal bar, bowl of Nutrigrain

Exercise: Rest Day
Countdown: 94 Days until event

Exercise Reflection: N/A


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