Day 11 – Leg Day

So today I’ve been trying to put the disappointment of yesterday’s knee problems out of my mind and I think I’ve almost convinced myself that it was a strange one-off. I’ll keep stretching and tonight I’m going to do some leg strengthening exercises. Hoping, as I’ve mentioned before that this help strengthens the muscles supporting my knee. I’ve read that knee problem can often be totally unrelated to the knee itself and more to do with other muscle groups that are underdeveloped.


I read someone’s blog the other day that’s also a runner, much further along the journey than myself. And she detailed her running goals in the short and long term very concisely and easy to track against. I think that’s a great idea and will surely help with motivation. I’m going to have a think about more specific running goals and I’ll document them on their on page so I can keep tabs on how I’m going.

Another bummer this week is that I’ve had to cancel the walk I mentioned I was looking forward to. With the kids being sick and

Breakfast – 2 x Cereal bars
Lunch – Crispy chicken and Salad
Dinner – Ravioli and tomato sauce

Snacks – Seaweed and plums

Exercise: Leg Day
Countdown: 94 Days until event

Exercise Reflection: Did some basic leg exercises, squats, lunges and calf raises. Also did about 5 minutes with a foam roller to work out my knee a little more. I can already feel the workout in my butt (not like that!) so I’m expecting it to be sore tomorrow…..


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