Day 14 – Bye bye Sky, hello Gym

582b7a123edc72d9c28a83c88407a4ceSo today I took a major step, one I might regret, I do love my football. I canceled my Sky account and used that monthly saving to join the gym. Doesn’t sound too extreme but it’s a bold move for me. The only reason I have Sky really is to watch my beloved Everton, but due to the time delay and TV scheduling I hardly ever get to watch them live anyway. This way hopefully I’ll be less inclined to sit in front of the idiot box as much and I’ll hopefully start trying to get my money back from the gym subscription. The thinking behind the gym was that we’re going to be coming into Winter soon here in New Zealand and with the evenings already getting darker and the notorious rain in West Auckland (where I live) it might limit my chances to get out and exercise, or at least it’ll introduce potential excuses for not exercising. This way I’ve got no excuse and I can do full body workouts to help with the running.

So now I’m signed up to the gym I’m going to see if my key swipe is working tonight. I’ve never been a fan of running on treadmills but it is a different experience so I want to try it out and see how my knee fairs running on the treadmill as opposed to on a track. Once again it’s all about building up my knee to be able to cope with constant running.

Looking forward to hitting the gym!

Breakfast – 1 x Cereal bar
Lunch – Tuna and salmon sushi
Dinner – Tuna sandwich (forgot I made it for lunch!)
Snacks – Chicken rice wedge

Exercise: 5 km on the treadmill. My knee only started to hurt towards the last 5 minutes of the run. I don’t enjoy running on a treadmill it’s so fucking boring!  Anyone have any ideas about making it more interesting please let me know. I also did some Back and Bicep exercises from an old training plan I had. I didn’t go crazy as i know I’ll be sore for a couple of days getting back into upper body training.


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