Deliberate Practice – Part 1

I listen to a podcast called Freakonomics, and a couple of weeks back they released an episode called “How to Become Great at Just About Anything.” it discusses the Malcolm Gladwell principle of 10,000 hours from his hit book Outliers: The Story of Success. I’ve heard of this before, however, what I didn’t realise was that […]

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DAY 6 – Easy street

Legs are stiff and a little sore after the first run, and I’m feeling it in places I’ve not felt it before, at least during this fitness kick, like in my hips and shins. Nothing too bad and it’s not going to stop me jumping on the exercise bike to keep them ticking over. Breakfast […]

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Day 5 – The first run!

Reflection: Booom! first run down. And I couldn’t be happier, I’m guessing the hours on the bike have really helped as I had no expectation that I’d be able to go out and run 5km in an OK time without too much discomfort. I tracked the run with Nike+ which worked really well. Some lessons […]

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Day 4 – And then he rested

The rest day! I’m sure in future I’ll be counting down the days to rest days but as I’ve only really just start training I’m gutted I can’t do something. I know in the long-term it’s for the best, but it’s hard when the motivation is there to stop. Day 4 is a Friday by […]

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Day 3 – First Struggle

Reflection: This session on the bike was bloody tough, from the first couple of minutes I felt drained and fatigued and my thighs were burning. I think this is down to the double whammy of not only 2 sessions back to back before this ride but also I think my body is starting to use […]

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